First Investiture Ceremony 2023-2024

First Investiture Ceremony - CBSE School

Leaders are not born but they are made!!

The air at Iris School is charged with anticipation and promise as the academic year 2023-2024 begins with a remarkable milestone—the first investiture ceremony. Under the resounding motto “Leaders are not born but they are made!!“, the ceremony not only acknowledges the innate potential within each student but also instills in them the values of leadership, responsibility, and service.

Unveiling the Leaders: Head Boy and Head Girl

As the sun rises on this special day, Sreyas steps into the role of Head Boy, while Mythli takes her rightful place as Head Girl. These young leaders stand as beacons of inspiration, exemplifying the ethos of Iris Florets World School and guiding their fellow students with wisdom, empathy, and purpose.

Sreyas - Head Boy
Mythli - Head Girl

Guiding the Path: Duties and Responsibilities of Head Girl and Head Boy

Sreyas and Mythli shoulder a significant responsibility as they assume the roles of Head Boy and Head Girl. Their duties include maintaining order and discipline across the campus, organizing morning assemblies, overseeing prefects, and playing an active role in school events. Their leadership extends to the school council, where they contribute to decision-making and lend their voices to the student body.

House Captains and the Legacy of Four Houses

The investiture ceremony introduces us to the house captains, each leading one of the four prestigious houses at Iris School. These houses—Mithila, Vikramshila, Takshasila, and Nalanda—are not merely names; they are echoes of historical significance, echoing the rich tapestry of India’s cultural heritage.

Mithila House: Named after the birthplace of Goddess Sita, Mithila House embodies the spirit of courage and devotion. As the students of Mithila House march ahead, they honor the legacy of strength and resilience that Sita symbolizes.

Vikramshila House: Echoing the legacy of the Vikramshila Buddhist university, this house represents a pursuit of knowledge that transcends borders. Vikramshila House stands for scholarly excellence, just as the university’s luminaries once carried the torch of learning across nations.

Takshasila House: With a name harking back to the ancient city of Takshasila, this house embodies the ethos of discovery and innovation. Takshasila House channels the spirit of exploration and creativity that characterized the city’s history.

Nalanda House: Named after the renowned Nalanda University, this house is a tribute to the pursuit of intellectual excellence. Nalanda House reflects the commitment to knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment that the ancient institution epitomized.

A March Toward Excellence

As Iris Florets World School’s investiture ceremony for the 2023-2024 academic year unfolds, it ushers in a new dawn of leadership and promise. This ceremony, steeped in tradition and vision, signifies that leadership is an ongoing journey—one that is nurtured, developed, and celebrated. The four houses, each carrying a unique legacy, remind us that leadership is a bridge connecting the past and shaping the future.

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